Sheffield made folding knives with grips made from the horn of Ankole cattle

ankole horn 250

The horn is from Nigeria and is the horn of the Ankole cattle sometimes called the cattle of kings. The animals roam free and at one time a persons wealth could be judged by how many of these cattle he owned. This legendary horn polishes beatifully and displays an array of subtle colours which the craftsmen of Sheffield bring out to perfection. It makes a pocket knife to be treasured. Its been imported into the UK and used since Victorian times for fine jewellery boxes and jewellery. These Sheffield made folding knives come in a plain blackbox and are post paid within the UK

Each of these knives is photographed separately so you get the knife pictured. None of these knives on these pages have grips which are dyed they are all the natural colours To purchase just send us and email to and we will send you an online invoice.

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For our Sheffield made knives

The Sheffield made folding knives on this page are all one off’s. To purchase email me at Quote the reference numberand you get the one pictured.

Subtle tones of black and grey enhance the polished horn. Sheffield made with lambsfoot blade. Ark 1 Price 55

Subtle tones of black and grey enhance the polished horn. Sheffield made with lambsfoot blade. Ark 2 Price 55

Ankole 3 knife

Colours of black through to white. Sheffield made with lambsfoot blade. Ark 3 Price 55 SOLD

Ankole knife 4

To show you the colours better we have made this picture bigger. Sheffield made with Lambsfoot blade. Ark 4 price 55 SOLD

Arkole knife 5

Mainly black and white. Sheffield made with Lambsfoot blade. Ark 5 Price 55

Arkole knife 6

Fine tones. Sheffield made with Lambsfoot blade. Ark 6 Price 55


Other sheffield made knives inlcuding bowie knives and pocket knives are on our other web site. Click on the logo to see them.

mammoth ivory 2

From time to time we have some one off mammoth ivory knives in stock - click on the logo to see them.

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