Our range of heritage wood inset with Commemorative 5 coins are on various of our pages. The coins issued by the Royal Mint and other authorities combine with the wood to provide real genuine mementos of historic event and personages in British history. Many of the coins have grown in value since we purchased them and we are running out of the wood in which they are set.

Large poppy 6
somme centenary

Rebated into the walnut wood of a Lee Enfield rifle butt this is the 5 poppy coin issued in Jersey in 2012 to commemorate the Great War. The centre piece of the coin has the words ‘lest we forget’. It comes boxed with a letter on handmade paper telling you about the coin and the wood. It’ on our Battle of the Somme page

With the 90th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II we have the Coronation Five Shillings denomination Crown issued in 1953 rebated into the teak wood of the Royal Yacht Yacht. The teak had been stored for over Sixty years by the Royal Navy and was disposed of on the decommissioning of the Britannia. An epic event in the nations history is commemorated with this piece and with it you get a certificate on handmade paper commemorating the 90th Birthday event. These items are on our Queens 90th Birthday page.

ER 1
boxed coronation gift small

Some of our wood like the wood from the Victory is from a fast diminishing stock so will not be available for long. The coins show various degrees of tarnishing as of course they are no longer issued and and are of varying ages. Just cutting and rebating ancient wood presents a challenge and the wood reflects the difficulties of cutting randomly curved timber in the case of the Lee Enfield walnut and in the case of the Victory timber the abuses it has suffered over the years. These are historic authentic pieces and not the kind of mass produced gifts that you will throw in the bin after a few years.

They can be used as desk paperweights or just displayed. They are real quality pieces and make excellent gifts for those with an interest in British history. They come in a plain black box and have been made to fit the box. Also a letter on handmade paper is supplied detailing the provenance of the items.

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And finally our ballpoint pen can be viewed by clicking on the image above.

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Tudor Rose bowie 300

Made from 15th century oak from a Yorkshire farmhouse this Bowie knife is made in the traditional shape which would have been pretty similar to that used in the Wars of the Roses. For a price not much more than the standard Bowie knife this Bowie knife has through the centuries aquired a quite superb presence. It’s Sheffield made with a leather sheath. You can see it on sheffield-gb.com

Folding Knives by Michael Harrison of A. Wright & Son Ltd of Sheffield

More Sheffield made pocket knives

Sheffield knives made with historic material

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Battle of Trafalgar 123

To view our pieces associated with Admiral Lord Nelson, the Battle of Trafalgar and HMS Victory click on the image above.

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