Sheffield made folding knives and other Sheffield made knives some made using historic wood plus a range of unique gifts including cufflinks made with original metal from Battle of Britain Spitfires and Hurricanes

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We have a range of unique gifts on our site. The range of classic traditional Sheffield made folding knives and other Sheffield made knives increases all the time. Some of our Sheffield made folding knives have exotic wood grips and some Sheffield made knives incorporate mammoth ivory. All our Sheffield made folding knives are made by skilled craftsmen in the traditional way Sheffield made knives were always made. We have also tried to put together gifts which are out of the ordinary and  which in some cases we have had specially made for us. To commemorate  WW1 we have a range of unique products on our  WW1 centenary page. This range of Great War items will increase steadily over the coming months and will continue to change as the centenaries of the various battles come round. In particular we have a folding Sheffield made knife with grips made from the walnut wood from Lee Enfield rifle butts.

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We have a range of historic and commemorative coins and medals set in historic wood which has associations with those medals and coins . Wood salvaged from HMS Victory Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar has been utilised for the display of commemorative coins and medals associated with various anniversaries commemorating both Nelson’s death and the Anniversary of the Battle. The copper medal struck from copper from one of Nelson’s other flagships the Foudroyant is also available set in the wood from the Victory. The Foudroyant medal was struck from copper salvaged from the ship when it foundered on Blackpool beach.


2015 marked the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo and we have a Sheffield made folding knife knife engraved with the dates of the battle The Sheffield made pocket knife knife grips are made from 18th century oak originating from St.James’s Square which was the place where the Waterloo Dispatch following the battle was delivered to the King. Click on the image above to see it.

karelian knife

Our newest Sheffield made knife is made using wood of the same type that was used in the only Faberge egg which utilised wooden panels. The Faberge egg was made for the last Tsar of Russia and the wood is a specific type of birch grown in extreme conditions in parts of Russia . We have reverted to brass square bolsters which beautifully offsets the colours and patterns in the wood. Click on the image to see it.

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That web sites contains a wide range of knives, folding knives and traditional penknives all handmade mainly by Sheffield craftsmen. We also stock antique silver fruit knives.

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Navy teak pen

One of the great moments in Brtish history will be the Queens platinum Jubilee in 2022. Many years ago we secured the last of the Royal Navy’s teak decking stored for the last ship in the Navy to have a teak deck which was the Royal Yacht and this is incorporated into our commemorative pen. The pen comes ina sheath made fromthe Royal House of Stuart tartan.


We have a new web site click on the logo on the left to see it. That site contains a fine range of scissors, safety razors, open razors and shaving brushes.

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To view our range of Sheffield made Sgian Dubhs made with ancient wood click on the sgian dubh image on the left and that will take to the page with these historic Scottish knives on. You can connect with the history of Scotland and Great Britain with this selection of Sheffield made sgian dubhs.

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Alongside our other Sheffield made sgian dubhs we have a new range of Sgian Dubhs made from centuries old Scottish Driftwood

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Have a look at our new range of cufflinks made using historic metal including pieces made incorporating metal from Battle of Britain Spitfires and Hurricanes.

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