Nelson, HMS Victory and the Battle of Trafalgar - commemorative pieces using historic wood

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The Battle of Trafalgar was fought in 1805 and was a Naval engagement fought by the British Royal Navy against the combined fleets of the French and Spanish Navies. Admiral Lord Nelson on HMS Victory secured a decisive victory over thirty three French and Spanish ships in one of the most important naval engagements of all times

Using our very limited stocks of timber from HMS Victory we have rebated a number of different 5 coins which commemorate the 200th Anniversary of Nelson’s death and of the battle. These pieces are epic unique items which directly connect the buyer with some of the most important events in British naval history. Like many of our historic pieces these are created with material which is of limited availability and when the timber is gone we will have no more.

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Boxed trafalgar coin 250 unboxed trafalgar coin 250

To view the coins set in our historic wood click on the images above.

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Rather than just bland reproductions we have tried to use metals with a history - products which tell a story

Cufflinks, knives and keyrings which have a meaning beyond their outward appearance and you can see those pieces throughout our web sites.

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The history of Sheffield is intrinsically tied up with the history of steel and knife making. Even today Sheffield made products are synonymous with quality. You can see a brief history of Sheffield Steel and knife making by clicking on the logo left.

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Made using the unique original metal from Spitfires and other items such as airships, which featured in epic events in British and world history are our Fragments of History keyrings. Click on the image left to see them. These are unique keyrings carefully handcrafted out of the relics which have survived various historic events. They are the products of long searches for the metal and laboriously crafting it into usable form and we only have a few item.

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We have a range of unique sgian dubhs the Scottish kilt dagger. Made in the traditional way in Sheffield by skilled cutlers using some of our historic wood these products are in limited supply and some are unique to us.

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Francis Drake defeated the Spanish Armada and with the profits of the capture of silver from treasure ships created the Armada service. Since then skilled silversmiths have recreated the Armada dishes and we have some of these historic recreations which you can see by clicking on the link left.

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With the scrapping of the RAF Tornado’s we have acquired some of the Rolls Royce engine drive shafts which was a front line fighter during the cold war era. We have turned these items into pen holders which you can see by clicking on the logo left.

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